ClearBridge RARE Emerging Markets Fund

This fund invests in a range of listed infrastructure securities spread across a number of infrastructure sub-sectors such as gas, electricity and water utilities, renewables, toll-roads, airports, rail and communication infrastructure and across geographic regions within emerging markets.

Key Portfolio Information

As at 30 June 2024 (returns in AUD after fees)

Performance 1 Month 3 Months 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Inception4
ClearBridge RARE Emerging Markets Fund123 0.1% -2.9% 3.7% 5.3% 1.4% 8.2%
S&P Emerging Markets Infrastructure Index - Net Return AUD Unhedged -3.7% -3.2% 0.9% 2.8% -1.5% 2.9%
Excess Returns 3.8% 0.3% 2.8% 2.5% 2.9% 5.3%
MSCI Emerging Markets Index - Net Return AUD 3.5% 2.6% 12.2% -1.3% 4.1% 5.7%

As at 30 June 2024

  • Regulated & Contracted Utilities
  • User Pays Infrastructure
  • Cash
  • Other

As at 30 June 2024

Top 10 Positions Region Sector Weight % Forward Dividend %
NTPC LTD Asia Pacific Developing Electric 4.8% 1.7%
Power Grid Asia Pacific Developing Electric 4.7% 1.3%
ICTS Asia Pacific Developing Ports 4.6% 0.0%
Jasa Marga Asia Pacific Developing Toll Roads 4.2% 1.5%
China Resources Gas Asia Pacific Developing Gas 4.1% 4.4%
Equatorial Latin America Electric 4.1% 2.4%
CCR SA Latin America Toll Roads 3.9% 3.4%
Rumo Logistica Latin America Rail 3.8% 0.1%
Eletrobras Latin America Electric 3.5% 5.3%
Indraprastha Gas Asia Pacific Developing Energy Infrastructure 3.4% 0.7%
Fund Details June 2024
Number of Securities 38
Distribution Frequency Semi-Annually
Lastest Distribution (CPU) 1.86
Portfolio Weighted Average June 2024
Avg Market Capitalisation 21.8bn (AUD)
Div Yield (Forward) Gross 3.6%
5 Yr DPS Growth (p.a.) 9.1%
Avg Stock Gearing (Net Debt/EV) 32.6%
Interest Cover (Historic) 5.3x
EV/EBITDA (Forward) 9.4x

Investment Objective: To provide investors with exposure to the growth of emerging markets infrastructure securities and to outperform the benchmark, being an accumulation index comprised of the S&P Emerging Markets Infrastructure Index.

For detailed information regarding our fees and transaction costs, please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement here.

Unit Prices & Distributions

Date CCY Nav Entry Exit
10/07/202410/7/24 AUD 1.8574 1.8604 1.8539
09/07/20249/7/24 AUD 1.8585 1.8615 1.8550
08/07/20248/7/24 AUD 1.8408 1.8437 1.8373
30/06/2024 AUD 1.86
31/12/2023 AUD 11.00
30/06/2023 AUD 3.03
30/12/2022 AUD 2.50
30/06/2022 AUD 2.61
31/12/2021 AUD 1.25
30/06/2021 AUD 0.75

Product Commentary

Infrastructure Insights Portfolio Insights
Emerging Markets Strategy June Commentary

Emerging Markets Strategy June Commentary

We remain defensively positioned as impacts of tightened financial conditions are expected to impact the economy and ultimately corporate earnings.

Infrastructure Insights
U.K. Water: Flat or Bubbly?

U.K. Water: Flat or Bubbly?

Near-term political volatility could represent a buying opportunity for listed U.K. water utilities, whose spending on improving environmental impacts adds to the bottom line, as investments can earn attractive allowed returns, which translates to better earnings and dividends.

Infrastructure Insights
Peak Rates a Good Sign for Infrastructure

Peak Rates a Good Sign for Infrastructure

Infrastructure has historically outperformed global equities as interest rates have peaked, something to keep in mind as inflation indicators slow and allow major central banks to end their hawkish positioning and move toward easing.


Investment Committee

The ClearBridge RARE Emerging Markets Fund is managed by an experienced investment committee comprising of the following members:

Nick Langley
Nick Langley
Shane Hurst
Shane Hurst
Charles Hamieh
Charles Hamieh
David Pow, CFA
David Pow, CFA

Important Information for Investors

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Research Ratings

SQM Research Report 2023 SUPERIOR: 4.0 STARS*

SQM Research Report 2023 SUPERIOR: 4.0 STARS*

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1. Sources: Internal calculations for the ClearBridge RARE Emerging Markets Fund. All index data sourced from FactSet. Results over one year annualised.
2. Fund performance is net of fees, assuming all distributions are reinvested and before tax.
3. All values on an AUD unhedged basis and net of withholding taxes for benchmarks, if applicable. Non-AUD values converted into AUD using FactSet Forex data.
4. Performance inception date for the ClearBridge RARE Emerging Markets Fund is 30/09/2008.

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