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ClearBridge 2022 Stewardship Report

The 2022 Stewardship Report: Impact Through Authentic ESG Integration is now available and offers a comprehensive view of the latest in ESG investing at ClearBridge.

The annual report highlights salient engagements ClearBridge has had with management teams at both large cap and small cap portfolio companies on pressing sustainability issues and details how we are assessing sustainability risks and opportunities such as climate change and diversity, equity & inclusion across the firm.

Key topics include our latest thoughts on climate inflation, achieving ESG goals in value-oriented portfolios, nascent technologies such as carbon capture helping lower the world’s carbon emissions, and how ClearBridge’s investment framework furthers the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. New in 2022, as the financial industry and regulators scrutinize the investment value of ESG analysis, the report also includes results from ClearBridge research on the relationship between our ESG analysis and stock performance. In addition, the report highlights how ClearBridge is using proxy voting to advocate for sustainable business practices across companies we own.

A compendium of our recent best thinking on the impact of ESG integration and engagement, ClearBridge’s 2022 Stewardship Report is also an index to topics that will dominate investment conversations in the months and years ahead

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To complement the report, the latest ClearBridge podcast, The 2022 Stewardship Report: Mobilizing Climate Capital, Robin Freeman hosts Ben Buckley and David Hochstim to discuss the role of financial companies in helping the world reach net-zero emissions. They offer highlights from the 2022 ClearBridge Stewardship Report, which gives a comprehensive view of the latest in ESG investing at ClearBridge, explain how they assess climate risks, discuss the value of carbon footprinting, and weigh company commitments to lowering carbon emissions.


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