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ClearBridge 2021 Impact Report

Our 2021 Impact Report: Partnering for Change in a Time of Adversity, offers a thorough look at the sustainability issues ClearBridge has been addressing over the past year with portfolio companies, shareholders and industry organizations through ESG integration, engagement and proxy voting.

Carbon emissions and climate change remain a major focus of the report, and we detail how we are incorporating climate change into our analysis of companies and into research across sectors. We also showcase our conversations with portfolio companies on timely social concerns, from supporting stakeholders through the COVID-19 pandemic to diversity and inclusion. New this year, the report also highlights how ClearBridge is applying ESG considerations in our infrastructure portfolios.

With expanded coverage of the impact of our proxy voting activity as well as the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, the report highlights how in a challenging year we have been moving important conversations forward and advancing our role as trusted partner seeking to improve the sustainability of our investments.

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To complement the report, the latest ClearBridge podcast, The 2021 ClearBridge Impact Report: Getting to Know the SDGs, provides an introduction to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, with analysts Kimberly Gifford and Deepon Nag joining Jeff Schulze to explain what the SDGs mean for active fundamental research at ClearBridge.


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