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Anatomy of a Recession Risk Dashboard

To understand the likelihood of a U.S. recession, Head of Economic and Market Strategy Jeffrey Schulze has developed the ClearBridge Investments Recession Risk Dashboard and Anatomy of a Recession program. This proprietary risk dashboard is updated monthly and designed to help you stay informed on economic and market developments and guide you in making portfolio allocation decisions.

U.S. Economy: Stay in Front of the Business Cycle

The Anatomy of a Recession (AOR) program is designed to help you stay on top of the business cycle and provide thoughtful insights through our exclusive risk and recovery dashboards. Updated monthly, AOR offers a concise, practical look at what the key indicators are saying about the United States economy and the potential impact on the equity markets. Click on each tab for a different view of the dashboard data. 


Recession Recovery: Stay Ready with Our Economic Updates

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AOR Update: Not Always a Straight Line Down

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