Diversify and Grow your Portfolio with Global Listed Infrastructure

For investors seeking reliable income, global diversification and inflation protection, specialist listed infrastructure portfolios aims to provide all three. Furthermore, Infrastructure will facilitate the world’s goal to reach net-zero emission targets by 2050. Government policy and unprecedented levels of capital injection to reach this goal present opportunities for investors to enhance and grow their returns from an already defensive asset class.

Delivering Income from Infrastructure

Watch Portfolio Manager Charles Hamieh and Head of Infrastructure Business Development Matt Bushby discuss how the team targets steady income with low volatility across the global infrastructure universe, from user-pays assets such as rail and airports to regulated utilities. 

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ClearBridge RARE Infrastructure Income Fund

Infrastructure's role in a portfolio

Watch Portfolio Manager Shane Hurst and Head of Infrastructure Business Development Matt Bushby discuss how infrastructure fits into an investors portfolio and how it differs from traditional equities or listed property. 

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The Path to Net Zero is Driving Infrastructure Returns

Infrastructure will play a pivotal role in the path to net-zero emissions. Trillions of dollars of investment need to be made over the coming decades that will underpin allowed returns and provide a tailwind for infrastructure investors. However, liquidity and flexibility in portfolio construction will be crucial in both capturing the opportunities and managing the risks.

Listen to Portfolio Manager, Nick Langley discuss why the path to net-zero emissions is a positive for infrastructure investing and what’s driving future infrastructure returns. To learn more about infrastructure's key role in decarbonisation and net-zero, click the below button.

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Infrastructure Funds and Investment Products

For investors in Australia and New Zealand, we are the investment manager for a range of global listed infrastructure funds and investment products, each with different characteristics to suit individual investor needs.

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Infrastructure Funds and Investment Products