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On 22 January 2021, RARE Infrastructure Limited changed its name to ClearBridge Investments Limited. There was no change to our investment philosophy, process or specialist infrastructure team.

ClearBridge Investments

Why the change?

In May 2019, we announced our integration with global equity manager ClearBridge Investments, LLC. In forming ClearBridge Investments, both businesses have successfully strengthened their operational and strategic capabilities through leveraging scale.

Our Australian-based investment team remain dedicated to investing in global listed infrastructure securities. 

We also provide Australian investors with additional market perspectives and thought leadership through our relationship with ClearBridge Investments, LLC.

What does this mean for the Australian Funds?

The Australian Funds now incorporate the ClearBridge name, while still retaining the RARE (Risk-Adjusted Returns to Equity) acronym, which remains synonymous with our approach to infrastructure investing.

The Australian Funds are now known as:

As a part of this change, JP Morgan became the Funds' custodian, and OneVue Fund Services was appointed to provide transfer agency and registry services. New Product Disclosure Statements and associated documents were also re-issued effective 1 February 2021.


We're not changing what we stand for

Even though we have changed our name, there is no change to our investment philosophy, process or people. Our commitment to global listed infrastructure and risk adjusted returns to equity continues to be the sole focus of our specialist investment team.

Please contact a member of our team should you need further information about these changes.

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